Confined Space Rescue Services

Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services’ unique approach to Confined Space Standby/Rescue activities

  • Specific prearranged team assignments such as team leader, monitor/ ventilation & rigger/entry teams
  • Preparation before operations begin onsite including mock rescue
  • Assistance with scene management
  • Top of the line equipment expertly maintained and inspected

Confined Space Rescue Services:

Does your organization have an effective Rescue Plan for Confined Space? ACSS provides Confined Space Attendant/Entry Supervisor & Standby/Rescue Services designed to assist specifically with each Confined Space construction setting. Our professionals are expertly trained in Technical Rescue and Emergency Medical Services to respond & rescue effectively.

To be successful in achieving the objective in rescuing entrants, ACSS teams conduct frequent practice rescue operations at all job-sites. If a confined space rescue is necessary, ACSS personnel will conduct the following activities:

  • Enter confined space adhering to OSHA 1910.146 or 1926 Subpart AA
  • Complete air quality control activities including air quality evaluation, ventilation, and use of IDLH respirators for both entrants and rescuers
  •  Removal of entrants
  • Begin EMS care and summon appropriate outside fire/rescue services