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Amerisafe Group has built a reputation over the years for providing quality safety consulting services for clients, nationwide, in almost every industry. Our clients know that whatever their safety needs may be, Amerisafe Group is the resource that can provide them with the safety industry knowledge and expertise they've come to trust. Our capabilities are unique because of the versatility and safety industry experience that has become a trademark of Amerisafe Group.


You may be struggling with managing COVID-19 and its impacts to your business. Amerisafe can help. We offer a variety of services for companies to assist them in protecting their employees and managing COVID-19.

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Amerisafe Safety Consulting Is Your Safety Solution

Looking for one safety company to do it all? Amerisafe Group offers safety consulting services, occupational health services with nurses and testing, safety products, confined space rescue and rescue services. Safety services for any industry, nationwide. One point of contact, hundreds of safety professionals, simplified sourcing. Have questions? Feel free to contact us!

Industries We Serve Nationwide

Oil and gas site safety services

Oil & Gas

With a national presence for workplace safety, our Safety Consultants provide onsite health and safety support and training for the Oil and Gas industry. All Oil & Gas projects are either overseen or executed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP).

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Solar Farm Safety Services

Renewable Energy

Amerisafe Group Safety Consultants have developed a reputation for providing expert safety performance assessments, management, and safety training for renewable energy safety, such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and more.

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Steel Mill Safety


Amerisafe Group offers experienced steel Safety Consultants for the steel making industry and the construction safety within steel facilities. Safety audits, management, and safety training for steel mill owners and steel contractors.

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Power Plant Safety Consulting

Power Plant

Amerisafe Group offers a unique perspective to power plant owners, contractors and managers by utilizing our experience to provide professional safety management and support for your projects.

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Manufacturing Safety Services


Amerisafe has extensive experience in guiding manufacturers on the essential elements of successful safety programs, risk management, safety training and other aspects of manufacturing health and safety.

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