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Safety Internship with Amerisafe

Ask The Safety Management Intern  Meet Jonathan Pierson, Slippery Rock University Graduate of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Safety Management. Jonathan spent twelve weeks this summer interning...

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Revisions to Drug Testing in the Workplace

Revisions to the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs using urine take effect on October 1st 2017. The revised drug testing guidelines provide agencies implementing Executive Order 12564 with...

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5 Workplace Safety Myths

Workplace Safety Myths We spend 40 hours or more a week in an office or on a jobsite. During those 40 hours, it is important we feel safe and secure in our...

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OSHA Fatality Updates

OSHA Fatality Statistic Updates Every number recorded in the workplace fatality statistics represents a name-- a person, a worker, a family member, a friend. In OSHA history, the agency used...

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Manufacturing Controlled Substances & Reasonable Suspicion Program

DEA Update on Manufacturing Controlled Substances According to the DEA, the ammount of controlled substances manufactured in the US may be reduced by twenty percent next year. Opioid painkillers including...

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Occupational Health Services - A Healthier Job Site

According to Construction Drive, “Healthcare has been reactive and is now trying to move toward a proactive strategy.” More construction companies are now utilizing on-site medical services, setting...

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Trench Safety

Trenching is a dangerous job. Dirt walls can collapse and workers can become entrapped. Within the last year, trench accidents doubled to more than 20 trench fatalities in 2016, according to Environmental...

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Confined Space Rescue

What defines a confined space?  A confined space is a space that is: Large enough & configured so that an employee can bodily enter it and perform work Has...

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Fatigue in the Workforce

Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services (ACSS) offers quality hands-on workplace safety training that adheres to OSHA regulations. Call us for more information 844-295-6709.

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Ladder Safety

Prevent workplace injuries! Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services will provide Workplace Safety Training to your organization. Call 844-295-6709.

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