5 Safety Tips For A Safe Job Site

While working day in and day out onsite, there are many things overlooked in the construction industry. Below are quick reminders of areas and tips to keep in mind.


Trenches and Excavation Safety at Construction Job Site

  • Be aware of any unprotected trenches or holes on and around construction sites. Some holes are not easily visible until you are right on top of one so it is recommended to pay attention to where you ‘re going when walking near trenching and excavating areas.

Amerisafe Group has trench and excavation safety knowledge from both the safety and rescue professional experience. Let our trained personnel educate your employees today:

Trench & Excavation Safety Training

Vehicle Safety at Construction Job Site

  • Construction sites constantly have vehicles and heavy machinery moving inside and around them at all times. It is important to pay attention to any and all machines moving about the construction site. Even though the job site is fenced off, there will typically be trucks hauling material out of and delivering materials into the site constantly. Some of these trucks have large blind spots so it is encouraged to make eye contact with the driver before walking through their path of travel.

Scaffold Safety at Construction Job Site

Scaffolding can produce tripping/overhead hazards to the general public walking under or near them. Although scaffolding is required to be safe and pose no risk to everyone around it, things can go wrong and it is always best to try and avoid going near it. Some hazards to keep in mind when walking around scaffolding:

  • Overhead work (Falling materials, tools, etc.)
  • Tripping on the legs and outriggers of the scaffolding
  • Bumping head on overhead horizontal bracing

Are your employees properly trained to seek scaffolding hazards? Let our professional safety consultants train your employees with our pre designed 4-hour training course.

Scaffold Safety Training

Noise Safety at Job Sites

  • Construction sites are notoriously noisy environments that can produce short or long periods of very loud noises. This can distract passersby from their surroundings which causes them to walk into traffic, people, objects, or trip on things in their walking path. Some of these noises can actually be loud enough to the point that it is hazardous to be around for long periods of time.

To help protect worker’s hearing health, Amerisafe Group’s Occupational Health Division offers mobile audiometric testing services.

Audiometric Testing Services

Hazardous Dust Safety

  • Dust is another hazard at many construction sites. Some dust is more hazardous than others, such as silica, but it is always best to try to avoid walking through any cloud of dust. The contractor at the construction job site is responsible for controlling all dust with things such as hoses, vacuums, sprinklers, etc. but these methods do not always eliminate the hazard completely.

With OSHA’s updated Respirable Cystalline Sillica Standard

Environmental Safety Training

Site Safety Management is important to maintain a healthy and successful worksite. Stay tuned for future construction site safety quick tips.

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