5 Workplace Safety Myths

What are common myths about health and safety in the workplace?

We spend 40 hours or more a week in an office or on a job site. During those 40 hours, it is important we feel safe and secure in our workplace environment. Regardless of physical health, people succumb to workplace injuries and fatalities that could have been avoided if proper workplace safety management systems had been developed, managed and followed.

1. It is impossible to keep current with OSHA regulatory changes.

With a heavy operational workload, it may be hard to find the time to keep up with current OSHA regulatory requirements. After digesting updates, you then have to find the time to explain these changes to your employees. You can keep current by involving a third party such as a workplace safety consultant to manage this for you. Here’s where Amerisafe can help your company with health and safety in the workplace.

2. Employees do not want or need workplace safety training.

There is always time for workplace safety training that will keep your employees safe. Workers with less than one year experience are three times more likely to be injured on the job than seasoned coworkers. Safety education and training are essential in keeping workers free from injury. Employee safety training, especially with orientation, shows a company culture of respect, wellness and safety.

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3. Health and Safety are common sense words.

Carrying out specified risk assessments of your work environment along with proper safety training goes a long way in preventing accidents from occurring. Injuries typically occur when the simplest of mistakes are made. Additionally, injuries happen when an employee is rushed or does not take the time to understand potential hazards.

4. You cannot create a hazard-free workplace, because accidents "just happen."

In reality, you do have control over your circumstances and workplace safety environment. The most important factors are actively identifying and evaluating risks and applying controls and equipment. Take action and be prepared!

5. Safety is expensive and holds back business profit. Complying with laws costs money.

Safety training and creating safety programs may cost you some money upfront, but the number of lives saved and injuries prevented is priceless. The amount of money expensed on work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as for lost time, will equate to far more than the amount spent to instill proper safety training and workplace safety programs.

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Let’s not become a statistic. Safety is an ongoing practice. Develop your safety management programs for your workplace or jobsite. Follow those practices and keep your employees trained. We’re here to keep you in compliance with OSHA regulations and to keep you up-to-date. Amerisafe Safety Consultants offer both construction safety management as well as general industry health and safety consulting services. Let Amerisafe’s workplace safety consultants help you.

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