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Amerisafe Group is launching this webpage as a resource to occupational health and safety professionals and others for daily updates on matters related to the occupational impacts of COVID-19. We regularly check various occupational health and safety (OSHA, NIOSH, CDC, WHO, FDA, etc.), and various government agency sources for current information so that we can serve our internal and external customers. We also monitor our surrounding states such as PA, OH, WV, IL, NJ, MI. It includes relevant sources, any new Q&A we’ve had and other discussions. Keep current for updates below.

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National Emphasis Program (NEP)

As mandated under President Biden's Executive Order, OSHA recently launched a National Emphasis Program (NEP) for inspections and enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines. The NEP will focus OSHA's attention and resources on the COVID-19 hazard and steps taken by employers to protect their employees. The NEP will remain in effect for no more than 12 months from its effective date. Specifically, the NEP directs OSHA to:

  • Continue inspections in workplaces where employees have a high frequency of close contact exposures and where this hazard is prevalent (at least 5% of inspections must target these employers).
  • Generate Master Lists for site selection for inspections. While these Lists focus primarily on healthcare and food processing employers, OSHA is also targeting employers involved in building construction, heavy/highway construction, specialty contractors, chemical manufacturing and others

Contact Amerisafe to learn more about the NEP and what OSHA will be looking for during these inspections.

National Emphasis Program (NEP)

Executive Order on Protecting Worker Health and Safety

President Biden signed an executive order Thursday, January 21st, 2021 to direct federal regulators to issue stronger safety guidance for workplaces operating in the midst of the pandemic. This approach is a shift from the Trump administration’s more business and industry-friendly approach, and signals a new emphasis on workers, including a focus on issues of race and equity, in the Biden administration.


Amerisafe Hugs!

Amerisafe Group partnered with Redstone Senior Care Facility in Greensburg in attempt to safely bring loved ones together during the pandemic through "hugging stations" during the holiday season.

Amerisafe Group Hugs

Hand Sanitizer Safety

According to a recent article by HealthDay News, hand sanitizer has had a dangerous affect on young children. Though the eye injury is reported as a "common complication," it is a concern for adults and health care workers due to overuse during the pandemic. Eye exposure to sanitizers may lead to blindness from development of corneal ulcers. Read more about the recent study to learn more.


COVID-19 Vaccines: What to Expect

The CDC provided updated information on COVID-19 vaccines. The updates highlight:

  • Common side effects
  • Helpful tips
  • When to call the doctor
  • Scheduling your second shot
About Vaccines

Amerisafe Group's Occupational Health Nurses are able to assist with COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Symptom Screening

The Amerisafe Group constantly monitors the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses. Like so many of you we have taken steps internally in response to COVID-19 to not only protect our employees, but also the many customers we continue to service during this crisis.

You may be struggling with managing COVID-19 and its impacts to your business. Amerisafe can help. We offer a variety of services for companies to assist them in protecting their employees and managing COVID-19.

Need Respirator Fit Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak? For additional assistance, please contact our Occupational Health Group: 844-295-6709


Worker Screening

Fortunately many companies continue to operate, but still need comfort in knowing workers arriving to their shift are not symptomatic or otherwise a concern for spreading COVID-19. Our Medical Providers work with customers to develop effective, CDC-based screening tools, and then we serve as their “gatekeeper” in actually screening workers.

Occupational Health and Safety Services
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