Safety Internship with Amerisafe Group

Are you a Senior Safety Management Student seeking an Internship? You've heard our name tossed around on campus but need to know more about what you would be doing during your 12 weeks with Amerisafe Group. What better way to find out than to ask one of our most recernt interns.

Please meet Tyler Young, a Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania student who interned with Amerisafe Group during the Summer of 2018


Ask the Intern 

1. Why did you choose to apply for an internship with Amerisafe?
“I heard about this company from a family friend. I thought it would be an amazing internship for experience, and it was.” 
2. What did you like best about your 12 week internship process with Amerisafe?
“I really enjoyed the diversity of what I was exposed to. It broadened my knowledge.”
3. Did you experience multiple sites/industries?
“Yes, I was at Harmon Creek, which is a MarkWest Cryogenic & de-ethanizer gas processing facility. I also was able to shadow at Dashields Lock & Dam, an Army Corps job where they were fixing the lock walls & securing the hillside from a landslide.”
4. Did your internship excite you about working in the field full time as a Safety Professional?
“Yes, creating relationships with the workers and everyone I was around made me excited to enter this field of work.”
5.What were some of the challenges and safety risks you assesed onsite?  Did you face any conflict onsite?
“There were no real conflicts onsite that I was exposed to. Some workers would give me a hard time during the safety meetings so I would address their problems to satisfy them. I was exposed to slips/trips/falls, cuts/burns, caught between, heavy traffic, confined space, water, radiation, hot work & more. I was onsite for two ambulance calls. The procedure we had in place was quick & effective both times.”

Summer 2018 Safety Interns

Adam Farmery (IUP Grad, now Full Time with Amerisafe), Michael Thompson, SRU Student, Tyler Young, SRU Student.

Interns will work with full-time with Project Managers and Safety Consultants at Amerisafe Group throughout a 12 week period directly shadowing on job sites gaining exposure within multiple industries. We have two homebase locations to intern. Interns will travel to multiple sites and different states depending on project location and availibility in the tristate area of PA,OH,WV areas. 

To apply for the Pittsburgh area locations:

Pittsburgh- Spring 2019

Pittsburgh- Summer 2019

To apply for Philadelphia area locations:

Philadelphia- Spring 2019

Philadelphia- Summer 2019



  • Investigate specific incidents and complaints to identify improvement strategies.
  • Provide risk assessments and training to reduce risk in various workplaces.
  • Inspect sites and identify potential OSHA and safety hazards, documenting recommendations.
  • Present safety information to employees and management.
  • Apply knowledge related to industrial workplace hazards and accident prevention in their workplace.
  • Communicate with external resources such as hospitals, local fire departments, and rescue teams so that the proper emergency personnel are available.
  • Review accident reports and document accidents using the proper forms and protocols, inspect facilities.
  • Engage in worker safety training
  • Conduct tests of environmental and workplace quality factors to comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding radiation, air quality, and other hazards.
  • Research and present data related to employee accidents and hazards,
  • Install or oversee the installation of safety devices and protective equipment.
  • Inspect machinery and safety gear to ensure their proper operation and workers' protection


  • Current students at the senior level working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational, Health and Safety or related field
  • Available for travel and work including weekends and various shifts
  • The ability to evaluate technical information regarding workplace safety
  • Proficiency with basic computer programs such as Microsoft Office
  • The ability to identify safety threats
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Prior experience with construction or knowledge of construction terminology is a plus.