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This is National Construction Safety Week! A time for all of us involved in construction safety to reflect on the many, many successes achieved in improving construction site safety. By nearly every measure construction sites are safer today than they have ever been, and are a vast contrast from when workers regularly fell to their deaths, were crushed by equipment and otherwise died tragically at construction sites.

Construction Job Site Safety

The collective efforts of the entire industry – from owners, managers, superintendents, safety professionals and others – contributed to these many successes. Construction workers in particular need to be recognized for how they embraced the vision and goals of the industry, and took on much of the “leg work” to change their daily practices and perceptions to make construction sites safer. These tremendous advancements in construction safety truly were the outcome of a team effort!

However, serious dangers still remain and we have much more to do to ensure that every day, every worker goes home from work exactly (or better) than when he or she arrived.

Please join Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services in pausing this week to reflect on construction safety successes, and in recognizing that we are all on the continuous improvement journey together – and together we can achieve even greater successes in construction site safety!

Find opportunities to recognize local achievements in your safety programs, people and communities. Take time to celebrate the many successes your company has produced, and resolve to commit to building a stronger, safer industry. The national Construction Safe Week website has tools and resources you can use to celebrate this week. We encourage you to review the website’s many offerings, including at-home family activities and best practices, to support your events and communications this week.

Together, we need to continue to emphasize that when we all walk onto the construction site we have one goal in mind – to get the job done safely.

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Construction Site Safety
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