PA Begins Automated Ticketing for Speeding in Work Zones


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PA to begin automated ticketing for drivers who speed in work zones - Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette

PA enforces the importance of being cautious when driving through active construction zones.

Injuries in work zones have been a long-standing concern as PennDOT reported 2,804 accidents in work zones across Pennsylvania in 2018, 23 of them resulting in fatalities and 43% of them causing injuries. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in order to combat these accidents, Pennsylvania is stationing up to 17 white Jeep Cherokees at work zones where there is concern about speeding starting on Monday (and expect that number to grow as road construction picks back up). Each site will post two 4-foot-square signs to notify motorists that they are approaching an automated speed monitoring zone.

Drivers will receive a warning for the first violation, followed by a $75 fine for the second and $150 fine for the third. These violations are civil penalties and will not result in points on a driver’s record.

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