Proposed OSHA Crane Standard Revision


Proposed OSHA Crane Standard Revision will Create New Employer Responsibilities

OSHA released proposed regulations to update its standard for cranes and derricks in construction, and specifically on Crane Operator Qualifications. The proposed regulation removes the certification by ‘capacity’ requirement, but it adds the following employer responsibilities of evaluation.


(1) Through an evaluation, the employer must ensure that each operator demonstrates:

  • The skills, knowledge, and judgment necessary to operate the equipment safely, including those specific to the safety devices, operational aids, software, and the size and configuration of the equipment. Size and configuration includes, but is not limited to, lifting capacity, boom length, attachments, luffing jib, and counterweight set-up.
  • The ability to perform the hoisting activities required for assigned work, including, if applicable, blind lifts, personnel hoisting, and multi-crane lifts.

(2) The evaluation must be conducted by an individual who has the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to assess equipment operators.

(3) Once the evaluation is completed successfully, the employer may allow the operator to operate other equipment that the employer can demonstrate does not require substantially different skills, knowledge, or judgment to operate.

(4) The employer must document the completion of the evaluation. This document must provide: the operator's name; the evaluator's name and signature; the date; and the make, model, and configuration of equipment used in the evaluation. The employer must make the document available at the worksite.

To read the summary, preamble, and proposed rule (at end of document), visit this link.

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