Safety Culture: Are you in Good Hands?

With the Construction industry consistently growing and new workers entering the field every day, the need for an outstanding safety culture is at an all-time high.

What does your Workplace Safety Culture look like?

As the construction industry continually grows, the need for a strong and secure safety culture is at an all-time high. Work environments that have a lackadaisical safety culture can cost companies millions of dollars and result in worker fatalities. A company whose management is committed to workplace safety will have employees who work safely and more efficiently. A management team does not take accountability for accidents, is a major weakness in the company’s safety culture. Furthermore, there are several other indicators that show that a company’s safety culture is inadequate. These include:

  • Poor incident reporting and investigation
  • Placing profit above safety
  • Lack of communication between management and workers
  • Low employee morale

Restore a Broken Workplace Safety Culture

An effective resolution to restore a broken safety culture is to integrate a safety program for your company. This is an efficient way to strengthen the relationship between management and workers. Safety programs include, but should not be limited to, trainings, meetings, procedures and disciplinary actions. With these additions to the program, workers will feel valued by management and maintain a high level of morale. With a higher morale, employees will be more productive, which results in the company being more profitable.

Amerisafe Group hires experienced safety professionals with safety management degrees, who ensure that all sites have a strong safety culture serving as a sturdy bridge connecting management and employees. Amerisafe will conduct trainings, meetings, procedures, disciplinary actions, and anything else our consultants deem necessary to elevate or maintain a high level of employee morale.

Your Workplace Safety Solution

Struggling with your company’s safety culture? Call Amerisafe Group today to set up a safety consultation. Whether general industry or construction site safety management, we are your one stop shop for all of your workplace safety solutions. At Amerisafe Group, we manage everything from large-scale industry leaders to small-scale "mom and pop shops" for every industry, nationwide.

Author: Tyler Young, Amerisafe Group Safety Intern 2018

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