Solar Energy Safety Risk Prevention Topics

There are 1,993,000 solar energy systems installed nationwide. 242,000 Americans are working in the solar energy field. Let's keep them safe while producing renewable energy! Below you will find risks associated with working in the solar energy industry. Amerisafe Group's safety professionals are here to help implement safety programs for companies in the solar industry for any project, nationwide. Take a look below at some of the areas solar projects pose a risk.


Fall Hazard Safety - Working From Heights

Solar panels being installed on the tops of roofs will expose workers to fall hazards. Leading edges, skylights, and steep pitches are two of the most common fall hazards associated with installing solar panels on roofs. Fall protection training will be necessary for proper employee competency for installing solar panels.

Heat and Cold Stress Safety

Since all solar panels are constructed outside, workers will be exposed to the elements throughout the duration of the work. Training employees on the hazards of heat and cold stress can help keep them out of harm’s way in extreme conditions on both ends of the spectrum. Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, hardhat, safety gloves, fall protection if needed must be worn.

Injury Protection - Consistent Heavy Lifting

Lifting techniques or alternative methods to lifting will reduce risk of injury to the employee.

Electrical Safety

Arc flashes, burns, and electrocution are all hazards associated with the assembly and construction of solar panels. Only workers who have been properly trained on the electrical hazards associated with the installation should be doing the work.

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