How Are You Staying Safe This Winter?

Winter season leaves room for error with extreme environmental changes. How will you keep yourself, your loved ones and your coworkers safe this season? Here are some winter safety tips below to share with them.

Outdoor Winter Safety Precautions

When going outside this winter to commute, please keep the following in mind:

  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing
    • Layer up! Better to remove clothing than not have enough
    • Wear waterproof boots. Skin gets colder faster when wet
    • Protect ears, face, and hands with a hat and gloves
  • Warm up muscles before going outside to do any physical work or activity by stretching
  • Prevent any slips or falls by putting down sand, salt, or even cat litter on any icy patches
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Prepare Car: Winter Driving Safety Tips

  • Maintain antifreeze levels
  • Check tire tread and tire pressure
    • Changing to all-weather or snow tires at the beginning of the season if possible
  • Have an emergency kit in your car
    • Don't forget a cell phone charger or portable charger
  • Nonperishable food and water
  • Blanket
  • Spare warm clothes

Winter Travel Safety

  • Be aware of current and forecasted weather conditions
  • Avoid traveling when weather service issues advisories
  • Inform a friend or relative about your expected route and arrival time
  • Remember to clean off entire car to prevent flying snow and ice from obscuring visibility
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You can’t control the seasons, but you can control how safe you are when winter and cold weather hits. Be safe and prepared with these helpful tips!

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