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Job Description

Amerisafe Group is growing our technical rescue team in the Midwest! We provide onsite standby/ rescue services in a variety of industries. We are looking for a team player to lead rescue services in the Chicago area. The ideal candidate will have management, leadership, training, safety, rescue, and client relations experience.

Rescue services include confined space rescue, fresh air rescue, and/or high angle rescue, as well as the following:

  • Assessing potential hazards related to rescue work.
  • Completing job safety analysis (Take5) documentation.
  • Completing confined space documentation (permit, continuous monitoring log, accountability sheet).
  • Completing rescue plans specific to the site and/or job.
  • Completing the incident response process:
    • Assessing victim’s medical condition.
    • Removal of the victim from the space.
    • Packaging the victim.
    • Establishing a rally point.
    • Delivering the victim to the rally point.

Field responsibilities for the position include the following:

  • Work closely with Amerisafe Group colleagues to fulfill rescue operations in the Midwest.
  • Supervision of technical rescuers (i.e., mentoring, performance evaluation {through job site evaluations}).
  • Scheduling strategic and tactical planning of rescue jobs, along with communication of the job details for the staff (i.e., job texts and job emails).
  • Creating customer requirement documents and processes for specific clients.
  • Maintaining existing client relationships.
  • Assisting with the development of new clients.

Personnel and equipment responsibilities for the position include the following:

  • Supervision of Rescue Equipment Technicians (RET).
  • Responsible for managing a goal of 50% billable (on a weekly basis) of the RET staff.
  • Responsible for managing a goal of 25% billable (on a weekly basis) of the Operation’s Manager.
  • Managing logistics for rescue trailer movement, along with rescue and training equipment maintenance.
  • Managing facilities maintenance and activities.
  • Managing logistics for vehicle maintenance and scheduling.
  • Assisting with securing personnel for rescue and/or training staffing.
  • Assisting with the recruitment process.

Training and safety responsibilities for the position include the following:

  • Supervision of rescuers and instructors meeting annual Amerisafe safety requirements (i.e., training, respirator qualifications, fit testing, and drug testing).
  • Supervision of all training aspects (both customer and team personnel based) based on Amerisafe Group policies.
  • Supervision of all site-specific contractor training aspects (i.e., Big 6).
  • Training committee chairman and supervisor of all committee members.
  • Supervision of Amerisafe Group required information into the LMS system.
  • Creating training curriculum and all other training materials for both customers (i.e., NPPD, NRG, Roquette, Aux Sable, ArcelorMittal) and team personnel.
  • Coordinating and managing logistics for training (i.e., managing fire extinguisher rental for Aux Sable training).
  • Review all completed permits and manage distribution to clients (based on their needs).

The requirements for the position include:

  • 10+ years of field experience in relevant industries
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Strong knowledge of OSHA and ANSI standards (with a minimum completion of CHST program)
  • Strong knowledge of technical rescue techniques
  • Rescue certifications:
    • Confined Space Rescue Technician
    • High Angle Rescue Technician or Rope Access (Sprat 3 level)
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills
  • High level of physical fitness
  • Client relations experience
  • Any combination of experience and education to successfully complete the job

This is a management position
This is a full-time position

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