Confined Space Rescue Training

Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services offers evaluation of current level of compliance, classification of confined spaces, in classroom and manipulative skill training sessions.  ACSS’s trainers and rescue personnel are certified firefighters and rescuers who specialize in vertical, confined space, collapse, and trench rescue. Many have contributed to the technical rescue curriculum that has been implemented throughout the Midwest, especially in Illinois. ACSS’s personnel have both extensive content knowledge and hands-on field experience of confined space entry and rescue.

ACSS provides confined space training, evaluation, and auditing services for any jobsite or facility. The confined space training covers all elements of OSHA’s new Confined Space for Construction Standard 29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA, which establishes requirements for companies whose employees engage in construction activities at a jobsite with one or more confined spaces.  All training in Technical Rescue focus on Awareness, Operations and Technical levels according to NFPA 1670.

Classroom - An informal classroom review session covering aspects of OSHA 1910.146 with entry participants and rescue personnel.


Manipulative Skill Training Session - focuses on equipment and entry operations into confined space. In this training, ACSS will utilize your organization’s equipment to ensure proper education and knowledge of the rescue equipment. Any additional equipment needed for training purposes will be provided by ACSS.


In Confined Space Rescue comprehensive training, formal and written recommendations are presented to your organization focusing in on the means of entry into the space including a review of current confined space entry equipment, policies, and procedures, as well as suggestions for improvement.




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Respirator Fit Testing & Respiratory Protection Training

Our rescuers are trained and equipped to complete both quantitative fit testing (QNFT) and qualitative fit testing (QLFT). OSHA CFR 1910.134 requires respirator masks to be fit tested annually. Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services provides both fit testing & Respirator Protection Training.



Emergency Medical Training

Not only are our Rescuers experts in technical rescue, they are knowledgeable in hazardous materials mitigation, and emergency medical services. Our team is certified in CPR/AED and First Aid education.

Amerisafe offers safety training courses in CPR/AED and First Aid to train and equip your employees as first responders.   

Industrial Fire Suppression Training

Incipient Fire Brigade Activities

To help organizations prepare for fire emergencies, ACSS provides Incipient Fire Brigade Training centralized with an understanding of fire behavior, a recognition of the different characteristics of incipient, free burning, smoldering fires, and classification of fires. Response team training is focused on fire knowledge and use of portable fire extinguishers. ACSS will assist with developing policies and procedures for your team. ACSS can provide the use of our fire extinguisher training equipment.


Structural Fire Brigade Activities

ACSS can help your company develop a team of emergency responders for structural fires in your organization to focus on areas of awareness and operations level training as well as operations and command level training.  Amerisafe will evaluate your organization’s current level of preparedness, including documentation, policies, procedures and equipment. Classroom sessions involve site specific training of personal protective equipment, IDLH respirators, search, rescue, and forced entry and ventilation activities.  ACSS owns of a live fire trailer which we may use during training. 


Emergency Response Preparedness Training

Emergency Response Teams
Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services’ Confined Space Entry and Non Entry Rescue Teams are Emergency Responders for technical rescue and hazardous materials mitigation. We are always prepared for emergencies. 


Training focuses on Confined Space Rescue, Vertical Rescue, Hazardous Materials Mitigation, and Emergency Medical Services.  Our team will evaluate your current level of preparedness, which includes the review of current response documents, and personal protective equipment. Awareness/Operational Level Training sessions include site-specific live scenario skills training. ACSS will also help develop current policies and procedures. 

Transit Safety and Security


Amerisafe offers comprehensive training in transit safety and security. ACSS’ knowledge of Emergency Preparedness, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Improvised Explosive Devices, and National Incident Management provides a solid foundation of our transit safety and security programs. We follow the acronym “METRO” to increase training performance.  

  • M itigation
  • E vacuation of those involved
  • T ransportation of the evacuated
  • R ecovery at an initial level
  • O verall return to service

We can evaluate your company’s current level of preparedness including response documents and equipment and assist in developing these policies further. Training covers a range of topics including:

  • rail control
  • emergency trip stations
  • rail de-energizing
  • rail car access/crush loads

ACSS will also focus on the transit system’s emergency preparedness such as mapping, single tracking, bus bridges, and emergency tunnel evacuation carts.

National Incident Management System (NIMS)


National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) provide continuity of organizational process at task, tactical, and strategic levels. ACSS also recognizes the importance of having a unified system of command and communication. Along with Transit Safety and Security, ACSS can evaluate your organization’s current level of emergency preparedness by reviewing current Incident Management documents and procedures. ACSS will provide awareness through specialized training addressing levels 100, 200 and 400 though operational training, and command level of training, focusing on emergency preparedness and tactical strategic decision making levels.