The Amerisafe Group constantly monitors the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses. Like so many of you we have taken steps internally in response to COVID-19 to not only protect our employees, but also the many customers we continue to service during this crisis.

You may be struggling with managing COVID-19 and its impacts to your business. Amerisafe can help. We offer a variety of services for companies to assist them in protecting their employees and managing COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Since the beginning of this pandemic Amerisafe Group, has been working with essential businesses to develop policies and procedures that incorporate best practices for protecting workers. These policies and procedures are being continually updated as new information is released by the government on the infectious disease guidelines and government recommendations and requirements. Our staff of Medical Personnel, Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals monitor the latest information to ensure we have the best practices for protection from COVID-19 in the workplace.

Worker Screening

Fortunately many companies continue to operate, but still need comfort in knowing workers arriving to their shift are not symptomatic or otherwise a concern for spreading COVID-19. Our Medical Providers work with customers to develop effective, CDC-based screening tools, and then we serve as their “gatekeeper” in actually screening workers.

Occupational Health and Safety Services

COVID-19 Testing Services

Our Occupational Health Professionals can provide various types of testing for COVID-19.

We are now offering:

  • Nasopharyngeal Testing- PCR Confirmation Test
    • Results received within 2-3 business days
  • Instant IgG/Instant IgM Antibody Finger-Stick Instant Blood Testing
    • Rapid Test- Results received within 15 minutes

COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance

Our staff of Professional Occupational Health Nurses are able to assist with administering COVID-19 vaccines. Call us today to learn more!


Consultation Services

Our Occupational Health Group has become the “go to” resource for many of our customers on all things related to COVID-19 occupational health issues, worker testing, hygiene protocols and other. They continue to be on the front-lines of emerging occupational health science, and they and all of us at Amerisafe stand ready to assist you in addressing any COVID-19 questions you might have. Our team works with clients to develop customized CDC-based mitigation strategies.


Hotline Services

Many questions exist regarding COVID-19 and how to safely mitigate processes. Access to a medical Professional can ease the burden on employers. Our Occupational Health professionals understand COVID-19 issues in an occupational setting, and have assumed this role for many companies by providing a customized hotline for employee support.

Amerisafe Group can assist with:

  • Case Management
  • Contact Tracing

Instructional Videos & Resources

Below are instructional videos to assist with keeping your workers safe. To keep current with COVID-19 updates, visit our COVID-19 blog for latest news, quick tips, videos and resources.

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