Safety Management

Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services (ACSS) provides consulting and safety management services for all aspects of workplace and site safety for all types of industries nationwide.

Safety Management Services

Insurance Company Follow Up

Our goal is to help you understand your workers' compensation insurance structure and to gauge the impact of your site or workplace safety efforts or failures on your bottom line. We prefer to work and coordinate our efforts with your broker so they can obtain the best possible safety management quote for your company.

Submission of Information for Underwriters

A standard function of our safety management service is to provide your insurance broker with a summary report of your future safety plans as well as your past efforts. We can detail how your company plans to reduce or eliminate sources of past claims as well as efforts to monitor progress. This report can be used as part of the submittals that your insurance broker delivers to the underwriters and should greatly assist your broker in negotiating the most favorable rates for you.

Workers' Compensation Experience Modification Review

Prospectively – Unless you are self-insured, the impact of the experience modification factor can greatly affect your organizational insurance costs. Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services is experienced at examining and understanding this actuarial, determined modification factor as issued by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) - then determines the quantifiable effect to your bottom line.

Our Safety Management Consultants will assist you or your broker in checking on the status of open claims and negotiate with the insurance companies concerning reserves placed on open cases that can adversely impact your modification factor. Our Safety Management Consultant’s end goal is to educate our clients about the effects of the experience modification factor so that they can more effectively manage their cost.

Retroactively – We also partner and coordinate with firms to discover and recover excess premium dollars you may have spent in prior years. These recovery services can be offered with minimal intrusion, either on a shared recovery basis or on an hourly basis.

Amerisafe Safety Management Services: Accident Investigation

Amerisafe Safety Management Services conduct onsite accident investigations to ascertain the root cause of an incident. We then develop corrective training programs to educate working personnel of hazardous conditions and implement protective measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Assistance in Negotiating OSHA Fines

Amerisafe Safety Management Services assist clients during OSHA/EPA citation negotiation in an effort to reduce or eliminate fines. We also provide Environmental Consultation to identify and propose alternatives to deal with potential asbestos, lead, mold and other hazardous material concerns.

Safety Management: Risk Assessment & Management

Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services is a full-service
safety management resource.

The goal of our Safety Management Consultants is to educate our clients on how to save by implementing and enforcing site and workplace safety. Our experienced Health & Safety Consultants will tailor a program to fit your needs and budget. After a free initial consultation and needs review, we will then be able to help you determine the best way to implement or improve safety in your workplace, and do so at a pace and budget that you can handle. We will even work cooperatively with your current safety staff to enhance their effectiveness, or we can act as your outsourced safety provider.

Measure Safety Progress:

You Need to Measure the Value of your Safety Dollar Expenditure. Companies must measure their progress to understand the benefits derived from their investment in operating a safe business. Amerisafe will set up a matrix to help you measure your progress. We accomplish this by:

  • Performing a workplace site safety assessment review of the operations, including identification of all inherent hazards as well as observable potential hazards.
  • Conducting a review of insurance costs and workers' compensation claims; we can even arrange for audits of your workers' compensation history. This is done on a contingent fee basis and includes a fee only if there are historical recoverable savings found.

Reviewing probability, frequency of occurrence and severity of each potential injury. Historical accident and cost data are then reviewed and compared with these assessments. Targets and goals are then established for each type of potential hazard or injury utilizing corrective training, introduction of safety products, or engineered safety design. These increased training, product and engineering costs are then compared to the anticipated savings that will result from an improved safety record. After this matrix is finished, it is tracked to verify that the intended results are actually obtained.