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Safety Consultants: Training & Management | Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services

Latest ACSS News:

OSHA's New Rule to Inform Public Regarding Workplace Injuries & Illnesses

Slight information about worker injuries and illnesses is made public information. Employers are required to send injury & illness data to OSHA. In the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new rule, OSHA will now post information reported related to injury and illness on their website for the public eye.


Safety Consultants

Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services (ACSS) is a full service safety consulting, staffing and safety training company. Our Safety Consultants are a staff of highly trained and seasoned Certified Safety Professionals with proven experience in developing safety programs for all types of industries nationwide.

Safety Management Programs

Amerisafe safety consultants have a proven track record for successful safety management programs for all types of clients including owner controlled programs, a full array of safety training services, safety program development with implementation and staffing for site safety management throughout the United States.

Safety Training

With Amerisafe, our experienced, hands-on safety training classroom or on-site programs provide customized safety and OSHA training courses and curriculums that meet OSHA compliance and regulations for best practice workplace health and safety for all types of industries.

Safety Staffing

Our mission at Amerisafe Safety Consulting is to help keep your workplace safe. We can provide safety consultants to staff and manage safety on your project. The benefit to you is safety staffing that are top-quality, experienced and knowledgeable safety professionals within your industry.